Assorted Handmade Soaps – gift pack of four soaps

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Our range of handmade soaps comes in hand-crafted gift packs as well. This gift pack features four of our most loved soaps wrapped in printed hand-woven fabric. A fine handmade way to wish someone!

  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap: An unscented soap with the detoxing effect of bamboo charcoal. It helps rid the skin of excessive oil and toxins collected from exposure to polluted environments. Tea tree essential oil gives it anti-microbial properties as well. Effective in controlling acne. Suitable for oily skin. More on the product here.
  • Nongmangkha Soap: A herbal anti-microbial soap for all skin types. Helps fight acne and infections.
    Nongmangkha, Manipuri for Vasaka, is a very popular medicinal plant in the region. For ages its anti-microbial properties has been invoked in oral and topical preparations to combat cold, sore throat, skin infections etc. Nongmangkha soap has been concocted as an effective remedy for acne, pimples and other skin infections. The antimicrobial properties of  Nongmangkha leaves and extract has been fortified with neem oil and essential oils of tea tree, gingergrass, lemongrass and pine. Castor oil in the soap gives it anti-inflammatory properties as well. This soap is rich in natural glycerine and is suitable for all skin types. More on the product here.
  • Black Rice Scrub Soap: An exfoliating soap for all skin types with skin toning and smoothening properties of black rice. Black rice, chakhao in Manipuri, is a cherished local delicacy. In this soap we recreate its culinary aesthetics with a symphony of mellow fragrances using essential oils of ylang ylang, vetiver, and lavender. Ground black rice in the soap exfoliates your skin and has skin toning and smoothening properties. Shea butter keeps the skin moisturised, supple, and radiant. Suitable for all skin types. More on the product here.
  • Tea Olive Skin & Hair Soap: A conditioning soap for both hair & skin with the goodness of green tea and olive oil. Rich in antioxidants; vitamin A & E, it fights the ageing effects of free radicals brought about by pollution and moisturises skin. It is formulated for use on hair as well and contains a generous amount of castor oil.  It adds lustre to hair, nourishes it, and makes it bouncy. Suitable for all skin types and normal to dry hair. More on the product here.


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