About us


Warakki is a group of enterprises focused on initiatives for creative, healthful, and responsible living.

Shop WARAKKI is our online store where we feature products that we manufacture or products, artworks, and craftworks that we promote. One of our first offerings available at this store, SAHI naturals is a range of handmade natural body-care products. We offer an array of body and hair soaps which are cleansing, nourishing, gentle on the skin, and doesn’t harm the environment. Find out why you should go natural here. Learn more about SAHI naturals and browse through the products here.

NAO for baby, a range of handmade baby products by Warakki is also coming soon to our store. You can visit the brand site to learn more or visit the Facebook page to keep up with the hype.

On our online store we also feature products that we support, have co-created, or are related to other projects under Warakki. These products can be found here.

 Our Story

It all started when Korou and Kundo came home to Manipur. It was the year 2011, they traded the asphalt and opportunities of Delhi with the greens and clean-slate of Manipur. Deciding to take a break from fine-arts for some time, they founded a design firm by the name Warakki design. It was to be the first project under the idea of ‘Warakki’ as an umbrella concept under which they can play out their passion for creativity and holistic health. Warakki literally means ‘of the bamboo grove’. In Manipuri it carries a connotation of qualifying something as casual/amateur/lay. Not at all denying these qualifiers, we associate with it feelings of being rooted, humble, unorthodox, and of being close to nature.

2014: Korou and Kundo got married. It was time for Warakki to grow up too! We started validating new ideas and avenues. One of the most important concern was to bring back the focus on healthful and responsible living. We diversified to add more projects, while channelising most of our efforts into developing and manufacturing our own line of products. Things that we believe in. Products that facilitate a life closer to nature and consequently a healthier one. SAHI naturals is our first line of products; a range of body-care products handmade in Manipur. It has steadily grown to touch the lives of a growing number of people. We plan to add more products to the body-care line soon and to bring out other lines of lifestyle products as well.

Our manufacturing operations are and shall remain small scale to facilitate maximum inclusion of people in the enterprise and secure livelihoods. It keeps on teaching new faces of the reality that we are a part of and of the various ways in which we can make a change for the better.

The Warakki Two

Korou Khundrakpam
Kundo Yumnam